More beach cleaners and bins as Brighton boils

Booming Brighton & Hove is having to bolster its beach bins provision due to a huge number of visitors generating large amounts of rubbish.

Extra litter-picking staff are also being deployed.

The hottest weather in decades has seen the beach packed – and often strewn with litter the next day, much of it left during the night. The council has previously cleared up to 50 tonnes of litter from the beach on the busiest weekends.

Now six more staff will be added to the usual 15 dedicated to the seafront.  A further four are on standby from an agency.

Fifty more 240-litre bins are also being delivered in time for this coming weekend.

Chair of the council’s environment committee Councillor Gill Mitchell said:  "It’s terrible how much junk people leave on the beach. It’s so strange that people will visit a beach because it’s pleasant and then happily leave it covered in rubbish.

“The council’s beach cleaning staff have been doing a great job keeping up with it in this really hot weather. But now we’re going to further boost the service with more staff – and more bins to reduce the tendency for these to overflow.  And we’re making a further plea for people to stop leaving rubbish on the beach.”

A council beach cleaner tackles the litter-strewn
shoreline this morning