Magical message will keep kids safe

Children from 10 primary schools have been learning how to stay safe on the roads in a magical way.

The youngsters have enjoyed spellbinding performances from the ‘Road Safety Magic Show.’

The show uses magic tricks to present serious road safety messages in an entertaining way, incorporating traditional magic words, hats, songs and puppets together with disco lights and pop music.

Presenters Alan and Allan, based in Aberdeen, are passionate about promoting safety to children on the roads. They understand that the way to hold the attention of the youngest primary school children on this most serious of subjects is by using jokes and magic.

In this way, a high-visibility fluorescent jacket becomes a “magic” jacket which “glows” in the dark, and coloured balls substituted for traffic lights are magically mixed up then restored to their correct order.

Brighton & Hove City Council’s school travel team funded the shows, as part of its work to promote safe, sustainable and active travel to school.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee said: “Learning about road safety is a very important part of a child’s education so it’s good to see our school travel team offering such exciting new ways to get the messages across”.

This is the first time children in the south of England have experienced road safety magic and the council’s school travel team is hoping that this pilot can be spread out to more schools in the future.