6 March 2017

Hanover and West Hove parking schemes get loud ‘yes’

New residents’ parking schemes are likely to go ahead in Brighton & Hove after locals gave clear backing during consultations in December and January.

In the Hanover and Elm Grove council ward, almost 60 per cent of households expressing a view voted in favour.  Turnout was just under 37 per cent. Most favoured a full scheme operating 9am to 8pm, every day of the week.  

Across the whole ward just 26 out of around 100 streets voted against.

A report to the council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee on 14 March recommends the scheme now progresses to advertising traffic orders showing where required changes to road markings and signs will be.

The report recommends the area should be divided into two large zones with different operating hours, broadly reflecting survey responses.  The core area of Hanover, the bottom of Elm Grove and streets from William Clark Park west to Lewes Road and up to Bear Road would get a full scheme – seven days a week from 9am to 8pm. 

The top of Elm Grove, streets to the north and the rest of the ward is recommended for a light touch scheme operating all week from 11am-12 noon and 6-7pm. This area includes the Pankhurst Estate and a small clutch of roads linking the top of Elm Grove and Queen’s Park Road, known as the ‘top triangle’.

Craven Vale, a group of streets south of Brighton Racecourse, voted two-to-one for a scheme. Turnout was 28 per cent. A majority of those favouring restrictions wanted them operating 9am to 8pm, all week. The report recommends progressing such a scheme.

If approved at committee it is expected the new measures will be implemented in the autumn.

Meanwhile an initial consultation in the West Hove Area has shown 67 per cent of  residents in favour of a scheme. Of those, over three quarters wanted a light touch scheme –  restricting non-residents’ parking for two short periods a day.  A second report to the committee recommends pressing ahead with a detailed consultation on how the scheme would be laid out, street-by-street. This is expected to take place from April 28 for five weeks.

Although just over half of residents favoured a Monday to Friday scheme for West Hove, council officers are recommending all-week restrictions. This would avoid displacement at weekends from seven-day schemes surrounding the area. Residents can express a view on this during the next consultation.

Committee chair Cllr Gill Mitchell said: “Hanover and Elm Grove is suffering artificially high demand for parking because it is surrounded by other residents’ parking zones.  A parking scheme would give these streets back to the residents and make the area much more pleasant.”

The report, including consultation results, can be found among the committee’s agenda papers here.

Most Hanover & Elm Grove ward households who responded now want a parking scheme