8 November 2017

Glowing in the dark – stickers that are not going to waste

From Brownies to bikers, residents across Brighton & Hove don’t need to increase their consumption of carrots to be seen in the dark. They’re opting for a reflective type of visibility instead.

Now that the clocks have gone back it is even more important to be seen if travelling by bike or on foot. High visibility reflective stickers are provided, for free, by Burgess Hill based company PVL UK Ltd. PVL are the UK’s largest supplier of high visibility markings to the police, fire and ambulance services in the UK and worldwide. So far, more than 400 reflective sticker packs have been given out by Brighton & Hove’s road safety officers who are working hard to ensure that the pedestrians of Sussex are as visible on the roads as our emergency services.

PVL has been helping the road safety team for several years. Nick Broom, CEO of PVL, said: “The team at PVL work tirelessly to ensure we do all we can to help to save lives on the road. In the winter months, when the mornings and evenings are dark, fixing a few of our high visibility stickers to a jacket or bag can provide a driver with enhanced visibility, they don’t require power or maintenance, and these stickers continue to reflect light in all weather. The safety sticker packs encapsulate the ethos we share as a team at PVL, to keep people safe and visible on our roads.”  

When a kit is created for an emergency services vehicle there are often off-cuts left over. The team at PVL make this extra material into shapes that will stick to helmets, bags, bikes, prams, scooters, wheelchairs or jackets.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the city’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said: “It’s great to see these off-cuts being put to such a good purpose and we are grateful for the help PVL has given our road safety team. The material is high quality so ideal for helping people to be seen. With the evening commute now much darker – it’s easy to miss pedestrians and cyclists in a busy urban environment.”

Able and Willing, a supported council-owned business that employs disabled people, assists with packaging the stickers with an accompanying road safety message for all road and pavement users in Brighton & Hove.

More information about Able and Willing: http://www.ableandwilling.org.uk/ and PVL UK: http://www.pvluk.com/

If you have received one of our safety packs, share your thoughts and your high visibility look with us on social media. Search @BrightonHoveCC and @PVLUK