10 August 2017

Dozens of new homes from Victorian buildings in Portslade and Brighton

A former brewery in Portslade and a Victorian school building in Brighton could be reborn as dozens of much-needed homes.

Consent was granted at yesterday’s planning committee of Brighton & Hove City Council (August 9 2017).

At the 1880 brewery complex in South Street, Portslade, planning permission has been granted for its classical revival-style locally-listed buildings to be converted in a scheme providing 37 flats.  There would also be commercial space including artists’ studios with ancillary galleries, community space and a café. Other industrial buildings would be demolished.

Elsewhere on site would be 11 new  houses. This would include two units of affordable accommodation aimed at local people on the housing waiting list - or a payment of £126,000 instead towards housing elsewhere. Councillors agreed they preferred the on-site option.

The former brewery in Portslade

In a planning agreement developers would pay over £100,000 to improve local parks. Another £48,000 would go towards sustainable transport, £21,000 for city sports centres and £16,000 to a local employment scheme.

At a former Victorian school in Preston Road, Brighton, until recently part of City College, councillors approved conversion to provide 25 flats. Consent allows the locally-listed 1880s building to have a roof conversion, mezzanine floors, and a rear extension.  Ten of the flats would be affordable units aimed at local people in housing need.

Developers would pay the council £71,000 to local open spaces and indoor sports facilities plus £55,000 towards local schools.

Planning committee chair Cllr Julie Cattell said: “It’s very pleasing to approve much-needed new homes, preserve our heritage and make good use of vacant brownfield sites which can so often become run down and a blight on a locality. Instead these developments should bring new life to these locations boosting the local community and economy.”

The former school building in Preston Road, Brighton