20 March 2017

Caring Together in Brighton & Hove

Joint statement Brighton & Hove City Council and Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group

We’re committed to providing truly modern services for Brighton & Hove in difficult times. For many years, we’ve been working closely together to combine our expertise and resources for the good of the city.

We’ll continue to develop our relationships and look to jointly plan the best use of our health and social care budgets in the city to provide the best services to residents in the face of increasing demand and reducing resources. This is about doing what’s right and fair for residents as well as supporting the professional staff within our services.

Through our Caring Together programme we are looking into how to take this ongoing partnership to the next stage. As the name Caring Together suggests, the aim is to bring together the commissioning partners, providers and the voluntary sector.  Through formalising some of our best working practices we aim to improve the systems and services in place for the good of all.

This planning work is currently underway and it’s a big project. We are going to take the necessary time to make sure it is done well and builds on what we have already achieved together.

We’ll be sharing more information and ask residents for their views on what we are planning in the year ahead.  

Across the country, 44 local regions have been tasked by NHS England to produce Sustainability and Transformation Plans, known as STPs. These STPs are part of a five year national project to look at how providers can work closer together to deliver health and care services.

Brighton & Hove is part of the Sussex and East Surrey STP area.

In Brighton and Hove, the existing collaborative programme Caring Together is being built on and developed as the city’s STP contribution.

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