11 October 2017

CareLink Plus celebrates 30 years of life-saving work

A support scheme that has saved the lives of hundreds of people in Brighton & Hove and helped thousands more celebrated its 30th birthday on Thursday 12 October.

Brighton & Hove City Council’s CareLink Plus service has taken more than five million calls in the 30 years, with customer ages ranging from 10 to 104. 

The service offers a wide range of hi-tech ‘telecare’ support to help vulnerable people who have health problems to maintain their dignity and independence.

Over the past 30 years the CareLink Plus product range has expanded from personal alarms and wristbands, and now also offers:

  • fall sensors
  • medication reminders
  • epileptic seizure sensors
  • door opening detectors
  • GPS locators for people with memory problems
  • heat, flood, pressure and movement sensors
  • smoke and carbon monoxide sensors.

Robert and Meril Peacock are among more than 5,000 people in the city who use CareLink Plus products.

Robert has Type 1 Diabetes. He wears on his wrist a falls sensor and also an alarm that detects hypoglycaemia symptoms when he is asleep by sensing signs of low blood sugar.

Meril has mobility issues and always wears her alarm pendant in case she has a fall.

The CareLink system means that if either of them has a big problem that may need emergency medical help, they can speak instantly to highly-trained CareLink staff, who can immediately send an ambulance or other support out if necessary.

Robert said: “Even if I lose consciousness, the sensor will spot this and trigger an alarm at the CareLink Plus centre. They will then contact me, and send emergency medical support out straight away if I am unable to speak to them.”

Meril said: “CareLink really does give us peace of mind that we will get the emergency help we need if either of us has a sudden health crisis. It makes for a less stressful life for both of us.”

The council's lead member for adult social care, Councillor Karen Barford, said: “Our CareLink Plus service is about helping people to stay independent and keep doing the things they enjoy.

“Our expert staff have literally saved the lives of hundreds of our residents over the years, and given vital support to thousands more.

“If you think CareLink Plus could help you or someone you know, please get in touch.”

To contact CareLink Plus, please: