1 February 2017

Budget - update

The council provides more than 700 services residents of the city see or use every day, paid for by the annual council budget. The 2017/18 Budget proposals will be debated and voted on by councillors at Budget Council on Thursday 23 February.

The annual budget process has been underway for many months and takes another step forward today (1 February 2017) with the release of the latest report prepared for the Policy, Resources and Growth Committee (PRG) on Thursday 9 February.

Get the agenda and reports for the committee meeting.

PRG will recommend the levels of council tax for residents for 2017/18 and a balanced budget to be heard at Budget Council later in the month.

At the previous PRG committee in December, a budget gap for 2017/18 of £3.16m was reported. This gap has been closed largely by a range of funding and updated estimates for income from council tax and business rates. The new details show:

  • £1.2m from the government’s new Adult Social Care Support Grant
  • £1.2m by increasing the Adult Social Care precept from 2% to 3%
  • Increases to the estimates for council tax and business rate income of £0.8m

Throughout the budget process, our aims are to protect the most vulnerable, get basic services right and make sure residents benefit from growing the local economy.

The budget proposals for 2017/18 are available online along with more information about the annual budget at: www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/budget