16 November 2017

Brighton hosts UK-China health and social care meeting

Researchers, health commissioners, local government officials and health care providers from China have met counterparts in Brighton and Hove to discuss how health and welfare systems can adapt and innovate to meet the realities of a rapidly growing older population.

The Chinese delegation met representatives from the council, the city’s NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and the University of Brighton, in collaboration with the Institute of Development Studies. 

Speaking after the meeting at Brighton Town Hall the council’s chief executive, Geoff Raw, said: “The opportunity to share knowledge with professionals facing similar challenges in China was hugely beneficial for all involved.

“We’re working on a series of events aiming to foster economic ties between the Greater Brighton region and China.”

Fang Lijie of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, said: “The Chinese population is ageing very fast and health services are currently not prepared to meet that challenge. 

“We can learn lessons from other countries and innovate to help address this.”

Photo by Sophie Robinson / IDS