13 January 2016

Seven new sites for city cyclists

Cyclists will be able to leave their bikes in a further seven locations across the city as the council looks to increase cycle parking facilities in the city.

Members of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee are being asked to agree proposals for new on-carriageway cycle racks (pedal cycle parking places) in Bonchurch Road, Broad Street, Devonshire Place, Eaton Place, Franklin Street and Walpole Terrace and to extend the existing cycle parking in Bartholomews. This is in addition to the five sites approved in November.

The new locations were chosen to help meet the growing demand in the city for cycle parking. Residents and traders near each site were also consulted on the proposals.

The council is committed to improving cycle parking provision in the city and encouraging residents and visitors to travel by bike.

The new facilities, part of a £40,000 scheme to improve cycle parking in the city, will be funded with Local Transport Plan money. The new cycle racks will hold at least 10 bikes at any one time.

Since the council began installing Pedal Cycle Parking Places in 2008, spaces for more than 600 bikes have been provided at 61 locations across the city.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the Environment. Transport and Sustainability Committee said: “As cycling continues to increase in the city, I’m pleased to see these proposals which will help to meet the growing demand for safe and secure cycle parking across the city.”