Seafront not named as “one of worst” spots in UK, as story claimed

The council has moved to correct an article in yesterday’s Argus about Brighton seafront.

The piece repeated a story from the Sunday Times claiming the city’s seafront had been named one of the UK’s worst ‘grotspots’.  It has not.

The city appeared on a list of 12 places from Clean for the Queen, a campaign organising a UK clean-up for the Queen’s 90th birthday later this year.  However organisers say they were not citing the UK’s worst ‘grotspots’, as reported.

They were giving regional examples of places people had nominated for a clean-up.  The council understands ONE local person had nominated part of the seafront because of litter.  Council leader Warren Morgan had also nominated Kemptown seafront, responding to separate requests from the government for Clean for the Queen locations.

Adrian Evans, campaign director, Clean for The Queen, said: “I am sure there are many, many worse places in the UK, but what is appalling is that it is very easy for a place to become a grotspot. Once you start littering, people litter more.”

Council chief executive Geoff Raw said  “ We take huge pride in the city and keeping it clean.  It’s disappointing how it has been covered in the papers.  It’s stating the obvious to say the seafront needs improving.  We’re doing that, not just writing about it.  That’s why we currently have underway probably the biggest seafront investment programme in the country.”