5 May 2016

Public toilets service changes

Changes to public toilets provision as a result of budget savings have been announced. Budget Council on 26 February agreed to deliver £40,000 of savings from public toilets for 2016/2017.

Most of the affected toilets will stay open, closing only for the winter months. Of the two public toilets that will close, there are other facilities nearby. The changes will take place from Saturday, 4 June.

Details of the changes are as follows:


  • Aldrington Recreation Ground (winter closure, open rest of year)
  • Blakers Park (winter closure, open rest of year)
  • Goldstone Villas (reducing attendant time by two hours a day summer and winter)
  • Greenleas (winter closure, open rest of year)
  • Grenadier (full closure)
  • Hollingbury Park (winter closure, open rest of year)
  • Victoria Road (full closure)


Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the environment committee, explained: “The current budget pressures meant that closing some toilets was always inevitable. However, I am pleased that officers have worked hard to find ways to keep the vast majority of facilities open. This includes the toilets at Saltdean Oval, Preston Park and Rottingdean which were previously earmarked for closure.

“The decision to fully close the toilets at the Grenadier and Victoria Road in Portslade, and to close those in Blakers Park, Greenleas, Hollingbury Park and Aldrington Recreation Ground over the winter months was made following a detailed review of all facilities in the city. The review looked at usage and the proximity of other toilet facilities.

“We appreciate that some residents will be disappointed, but these changes are essential to put the service on a sound footing for the future and we can now move forward with plans to invest £1.5 million in the total refurbishment of some city facilities.”