10 May 2016

Public Health Report 2016 - launched online

This year's Public Health Annual Report is a virtual report and the themes being dealt with are online themes. The report has been launched online this morning on Twitter and can be seen in full on the council website. 

Dr Tom Scanlon led on the report in his role as Director of Public Health for Brighton & Hove. Dr Scanlon explaims: "The report is packaged in an infogram way, so there’s lots and lots of illustrations, but that doesn’t mean we are dumbing down, just a few clicks on these illustrations will take you to references, to resources and to a lot of scientific publications. And there are lots of videos, we have over 100 videos.

"We are looking at what we can learn about behaviours, about Lifestyles, about what people think and do, from looking online at social media and furthermore, what can we do using the same techniques, using on line resources, using social media, to help address behaviours, lifestyles, problems that people through their lives, often lived online.

"In terms of subject matter, we look at a few of the usual public health suspects: diet; exercise; sexual health; substance misuse; but we’ve added a few new areas, things that are intimately ties up to social media: cyber bullying; hate crime; some racism; and also self-harm; a big subject with a big social media presence." 

View the report online now