Primary school children’s survey looks at move up to secondary school

Primary age children in Brighton & Hove are being asked what they think will be important to them when they move up to secondary school.

The short engagement exercise has been designed especially for children in years 3 and 4 (ages 8-9). These are the year groups who will be most affected by changes that need to be made in the way secondary school places are allocated in the city as of September 2018.

The survey has questions specially worded to help primary age children easily understand them. They ask children how important each of the following are to them:

  • Being able to choose which secondary school I go to
  • Being able to move to secondary school with my friends
  • Not taking too long to get to school
  • Being at a school with pupils with different needs.

It also asks them for their thoughts on what else would make going to secondary school really good for them.

The council is currently running an engagement exercise to get residents’ views on what general principles should guide the council’s cross party working group on school admissions when it makes formal proposals for changing the system as of September 2018.

The chair of the council’s cross party working group on school admissions, Councillor Dan Chapman, said: “We always believed it was important to engage with the young people in our city that will be directly affected by changes to the secondary school admission arrangements. It’s important that we understand what is important to them as well as parents.

“The special survey for children is on the consultation section of our website. We are encouraging schools to help children complete it in school, but we also want parents to be aware of it in case they wish to help their children do it at home.”

The children’s survey on moving up to secondary school is open until Wednesday 11 May at