4 April 2016

Parking charges change

Some of the city’s parking tariffs are set to change from this week. Details are published here

Charges are set at rates intended to improve transport management and so reduce congestion, encourage alternatives to the car and cut often serious levels of air pollution.

The new tariffs are not across-the board rises, but precisely-targeted.  Less-busy outer car parks like London Road and Oxford Court are having price cuts, encouraging drivers to walk the last bit of the journey and taking pressure off the busy central roads.

The biggest increases are for areas or timeslots where demand most outstrips supply.  For example, the Lanes car park, already the most expensive, is frequently full, during all seasons of the year, with traffic often queuing back to the seafront.

Some increases will help businesses by encouraging turnover in the most sought-after locations. 

There are a number of ways to pay for parking in the city, including by cash or credit card at a machine or in shops with a PayPoint facility and by PayByPhone. Find out more about these options. The council also offers a range of parking permits.

Any surplus from parking income is reinvested into transport. A large proportion of it is spent on providing 46,000 free bus passes for elderly and disabled people, which the council has a legal duty to provide.

More information can be found in our Parking Annual Reports