2 August 2016

Making the most of recycling wheelie bins

Cityclean staff will be out and about over the next two months  helping residents in Hangleton and Portslade to make the most of their recycling wheelie bins.

Last  November the residents became the first in the city to be given wheelie bins for their recycling. Since then, the council has been monitoring the pilot scheme at it considers introducing the bins in other areas of the city.

So far, the results have been encouraging - the amount of recycling collected has increased and refuse has decreased. However, there is still scope for improvement.

From August Cityclean officers will be visiting streets in Hangleton and Portslade to find out what is currently being recycled. (That’s why you may see them looking in your refuse and recycling bins when you put them out for collection!)

Staff will also be calling on residents to advise them on how to increase their recycling and give advice on what can, and can’t, be put in the grey bins.

This is an information gathering exercise, to help the council plan the next steps to improve recycling rates in the city.

There is no question of any fines being issued or warnings given.