21 June 2016

Make your voice heard in the national highways and transport survey

Local people are being asked for their views on Brighton & Hove’s highways and transport services as part of a national survey – from the condition of roads and footpaths to the quality of cycling facilities.
From next week a questionnaire will be sent to a random sample of around 3,300 of the city’s residents. Their answers will be compared with views of other members of the public across England and Scotland. Results from the National Highways and Transport public satisfaction survey will be published in October.
Brighton & Hove City Council is one of 106 Local Authorities to sign up to the survey that will ask the same questions to all residents, whether they live in Brighton & Hove, Bradford or Bournemouth.
The survey, in its ninth year is the largest collaboration between councils in the country, offering the opportunity to compare results, share in best practice and identify opportunities to work together. It will provide valuable information about how the council is performing and gives residents the opportunity to say which services they think the council should prioritise and improve.
Mark Prior, Assistant Director, City Transport, Brighton & Hove City Council, said: “We would encourage everyone who receives one of these surveys to complete it. The national survey will enable us to identify areas of best practice and spot national, regional and local trends. The intention is not to create league tables, but to improve our understanding of customers’ views and work to deliver the most satisfactory and efficient outcomes for local residents.”
Residents that receive the questionnaire can complete the survey online if they prefer, a short URL link will be printed on the front of the questionnaire and they will need to enter  the code provided.

More information
• The National Highways and Transport (NHT) Network is a unique collaboration between local authorities across England and parts of Scotland with a common agenda – service improvement.
The Network provides an environment in which members can measure their own performance, compare with their peers and identify areas for improvement.
• The survey is being carried out on behalf of the participating councils by market research specialist, Ipsos MORI.
• Participation in the survey is voluntary.  It is believed to be the first survey of its kind to bring together a large number of separate highways authorities from all over England and parts of Scotland to carry out their surveys in a comparable format