Make cycling your first love for Valentine's Day

Four heart-shaped parking stands have appeared in various locations in North Laine to give a little bit of love to bicycles in the city.

The scarlet hearts were offered for free, left over from an installation in London last year in support of the British Heart Foundation: 

The council is inviting residents and visitors to find the ‘hearts’ and share pictures of them and their bikes on social media using #BHLoveCycling.  While considered a temporary feature, if people love them, then they could stay!

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the city's environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “This is a lovely fun idea and will provide some temporary, more secure bike parking in the city centre, as well as highlight the popularity of cycling in the city. If they’re loved and useful then they could well stay too.”

The council is working hard to meet the increasing demand for cycle parking. Last month the environment, transport and sustainability committee agreed proposals for seven new pedal cycle parking places, in addition to five new sites agreed in November.  These longer-term bike parking solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the city.

The council began installing pedal cycle parking places in 2008 and has created spaces for more than 600 bikes in 61 locations.  While the ‘lovehearts’ are a temporary bike parking facility, if people like them the council will seek to make them permanent.