Live music comes under the spotlight

Representatives from the music industry in Brighton & Hove will be giving evidence at a special policy panel meeting to explore the issues around live music venues in the city.

The meeting, at 10am on April 12, will be held at the Friends Meeting House and is open to the public.

The cross-party policy panel, was set up following a request from Brighton & Hove City Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee in response to a petition signed by 4,698 people. The petition, submitted by Mark Stack, called for a review of procedures and protocols concerning noise abatement notices served on live music venues in the city.

The panel, of councillors Joe Miller (chair), Lizzie Deane and Peter Atkinson, will aim to:

  •  Understand the current situation of live music venues in Brighton & Hove and their position in the community
  •  Provide an independent cross party review of the issues which relate to live music venues in Brighton & Hove, including noise abatement
  •  Review national and local law, policies and procedures that relate to music venues and noise
  •  Look at good examples of work being done in other areas of the country which relates to this issue
  • Hear and review evidence provided by a balanced representative group of interested parties.   This will include council officers, other local authorities, council members, members of parliament, community representatives, industry representatives such as band promoters and music venues, and Mark Stack the originator of the petition
  • Report findings in a written report to be submitted to the Environment Transport and Sustainability Committee

Policy Panel chair JCouncillor oe Miller said: “The panel will be carefully considering the evidence presented to us to ensure the Council protects Brighton and Hove's thriving Live Music Venues, whilst balancing this against the need to respect the amenity of residents in our communities.”