Final days to give views in big parks consultation

There are just a few days left to respond to a major council consultation about the future of Brighton & Hove’s parks, faced with declining budgets.

So far, over 3000 people have given their views in the Big Conversation on parks, making it one of the biggest responses to such a council consultation ever. 

Closing date for people to send in their views is the end of this coming Friday, October 28th.

As budgets decline, the council has to make some big decisions about how the city’s parks and open spaces will be protected and maintained into the future.

To get the city talking, the council launched the Big Parks and Open Spaces Conversation, urging residents, visitors and all park users to have their say and consider how parks could evolve into the future.

Chair of the council’s environment committee Cllr Gill Mitchell said:  “It’s a fantastic response so far, reflecting people’s passion for parks.  This is our final reminder for people to take part in the consultation and fill in the form online or in writing.”

All responses will be used to help draw up an Open Spaces Strategy which will be considered by councillors.

Current budget restrictions mean the council is unable to provide the levels of funding currently needed to maintain its parks and open spaces.

The Cityparks budget was £4 million last year (2015 to 2016). This means that Cityparks costs each resident of the city £14 per year. In the council’s four year budget plan, the Cityparks budget is due to be cut by £600,000 to £3.4 million between now and 2020.

Most of the city’s green public spaces are currently managed and maintained by the council’s Cityparks staff, supported by volunteers and Friends Groups.

To take part in the Big Conversation on parks go to special pages on the council's website where there is also a video on the consultation.  Alternatively contact the Parks Projects team at or 01273 292929 for a paper copy of the form.