20 June 2016

Detailed consultation recommended for Hanover parking scheme

Proposals for a residents’ parking scheme in the Hanover, Elm Grove and Craven Vale areas of Brighton will be discussed by councillors next Tuesday (28 June).

Initial consultation with nearly 8,000 residents and businesses resulted in more than half of those who responded (56.4%) voting in favour of having a scheme, with 43.6% against. The response rate was 36%.

Councillors at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee are recommended to go ahead with consultation later in the year on detailed plans for a residents’ parking scheme which would include several options: a seven day a week or Monday to Friday operation either from 9am to 8pm or a ‘light touch’ scheme to be in force for two periods during the day.

The exception would be the Craven Vale area where residents could choose to be part of the neighbouring Area U ‘light touch’ scheme or be part of a full scheme, either Monday to Sunday or Monday to Friday. Overall, 39% wanted a light touch scheme, but more than 42% of Craven Vale residents said they would prefer this kind of arrangement.

Four distinct areas were analysed to give an indication of the results in certain parts of the consultation area, however, future boundaries may be different to those defined. Nearly 70% of those responding from the area south of Elm Grove wanted parking controls to be introduced with more than half asking for a full seven days a week scheme. Other areas favoured different options, ranging from not wanting a parking scheme at all to having flexibility on when it would operate.

Committee chair councillor Gill Mitchell said: “We’ve been looking at a possible parking scheme for this area at the request of people living across the whole area of Hanover, Elm Grove and Craven Vale and we appreciate the contributions of all the residents and businesses that took the time to express their views.

"We are now proposing a second consultation on the detailed designs of a scheme along with options for enforcement and operating times.

“During this consultation people will be able to respond to the detailed design with the added knowledge of the road by road layout. It’s also an opportunity to tell us about alternatives and put forward suggestions for other types of scheme.”

View the reports for the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee (the Hanover, Elm Grove and Craven Vale parking consultation report is agenda item number 13).


The parking consultation for residents in Hanover and Elm Grove is open until 20 January 2017.

Get details of the proposed parking scheme and have your say