Consultation soon on Hanover parking scheme

Residents will soon be asked for views on introducing controlled parking for the first time in the Hanover, Elm Grove and Craven Vale areas of Brighton

Around 8,500 consultation forms will drop on doormats for the survey, expected to start on Monday 4 April and close at the end of Friday 6 May.

The neighbourhood is now the only part of central Brighton without controlled parking.  Locals complain the streets are consequently clogged with vehicles driven by commuters, tourists, shoppers and people from adjacent parking zones who do not wish to pay.

Extensive research by the Hanover Local Action Team (LAT) found most residents who responded to their survey were in favour of controls. 

This initial consultation is asking residents whether they want controls or not.  If they do, they will have a say on what type.  Options would include whether parking restrictions operate all week or Monday to Friday, all day or for limited periods.

Consultation was approved by the environment committee on 19 January.  More consultation would be undertaken on the details later in the year, in any defined areas wanting a scheme.  Following detailed designs any plan approved would be introduced in early 2017

“Streets and neighbourhoods can be made more pleasant and safe with parking controls,” said committee chair Gill Mitchell.  “That’s why recent surveys have shown almost 70 per cent of residents in areas with controls support them. There’s an unusual situation in Hanover where almost half the households have no car yet the place appears dominated by them.  It’s up to residents, with or without cars, to make the decision.” 

LAT chair Chris Taylor said:  “It is essential that as many residents respond as possible so that we can get an accurate feel for what the people of Hanover & Elm Grove really want to happen.”