1 November 2016

Celebrating the city's newest open space

Residents of Redhill Close and their neighbours are enjoying the city’s newest park.

With swings, totem poles, and a kick around football pitch, along with newly planted meadow and trees, Redhill Close open space has been designed to appeal to residents of all ages.

The five acre park has been created by Bellway Homes as part of a new  development and will be managed by Brighton & Hove City Council’s Cityparks team.

Last week, Chris Moore, Managing Director for Bellway Kent, officially handed the site over to Councillor Saoirse Horan, deputy chair of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee.

The developer has also provided the council with around £150,000 to cover future maintenance costs for the site.

Cllr Horan said: “With so much pressure being put on councils to create more housing, we must be careful not to lose sight of the importance of providing green space for our communities.

“That’s why we are pleased to have worked with Bellway Homes to create this lovely new park which is already being well used by local families.

“We also welcome the funding provided by Bellway Homes which will help ensure that the park is maintained into the future, despite the ongoing pressure to council budgets.”

The Gatton Park development, of 31 units including family homes, lies between Redhill Close and Millcroft. Bellway Homes agreed, under a section 106 Agreement, to transfer part of the site to the council for recreational open community space.

The new park includes three informal play areas with swing seats, earth mounds and carved wooden totems. Landscaping includes a junior ‘kick around’ pitch area and amenity space plus meadow planting and new trees.

Also under the section 106 agreement, the adjacent scout hut and land was transferred to the Westdene Association Guides and Scouts, with Bellway providing  just over £27,000 to improve and maintain the facility.

Chris Moore, Managing Director for Bellway Kent, said: “At Bellway we are aware that we are not just building homes, we are creating communities that people will love to live in for many years to come.

“That’s why it’s so important to create these areas of green space that families can enjoy as part of our housing developments. It was fantastic to visit the park for the official handover and to see locals enjoying spending time there.”

PHOTO (by Liz Finlayson): Chris Moore hands over Redhill Close open space to Cllr Saoirse Horan. View of the open space with play area.