17 October 2016

Brighton’s 300-metre zip wire approved

A 300 metre-long zip wire attraction on Brighton beach has just been granted planning permission by the city council.

Members of the planning committee gave permanent approval to the scheme at their meeting at Hove Town Hall this afternoon (October 12, 2016).

The zip wire’s 22--metre high starting tower would occupy the site of the former Brighton Wheel, known as Dalton’s Bastion, about 100m east of the Palace Pier.

There would be two cables carrying thrill-seekers 300 metres to the east.  A landing area shaped like the hull of a boat would be on the beach opposite Lower Rock Gardens and Atlingworth Street. 

A café seating up to 140 people, with an open glass-fronted terrace, was approved as part of the application.

Developers say the zip wire would attract around 32,000 visitors a year, based on a maximum of 24 riders an hour on the two cables.  It is planned the attraction opens from 10am until 11pm, all year round.  However weather is likely to restrict operations by 15 per cent.

The equivalent of just over 30 full-time jobs will be created by the investment, estimated to be worth £1.7m.

Planning committee chair Cllr Julie Cattell said: “This fits well with the council strategy to bring new life to the seafront, particularly to the section between the pier and the marina.  This should complement other businesses in the areas such as the pier and the Volks Railway, without affecting people’s enjoyment of the beach.” 

The Brighton Wheel was dismantled in May after five years as part of an agreement with the council to cease operations in time for the i360’s opening this summer.  The zip wire is operated by the same company as the Wheel, Paramount Entertainment.

Find out about developments in progress, planned or proposed for the seafront at www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/improvingtheseafront

Update June 2017

Construction of Brighton Zip is now underway. You can get updates from the Brighton Zip website and follow @BrightonZip on Twitter.