2 June 2015

Response to Taxpayers’ Alliance research on council assets

Commenting on the Taxpayers’ Alliance research on local authority assets, Brighton & Hove City Council Leader Cllr Warren Morgan said:

“We have 59 seafront cafes and restaurants that we lease out. This helps keep our seafront shop window vibrant by ensuring we have a buoyant economy in this popular area with the right mix of outlets.

“Of course it also contributes to our tourism offer, provides jobs and supports the council’s rental income and business rates. This in turn helps to keep council tax down and helps to subsidise essential services that we provide for our residents.

“The important aspect to remember is that by controlling who rents these properties means we can limit the numbers of different types of retail outlet whether that’s those selling alcohol or ice cream or beach items which we would not be able to do if they were in private hands.

“We do have clear asset management procedures that identify any properties that are surplus to requirements for disposal. But in the seafront area we support a vibrant economy along with scores of jobs and are constantly looking at ways of increasing investment opportunities to promote the special character of this important area of the city.”