1 May 2015

Oxygen bar loses its licence


The council licensing panel has revoked the licence of Oxygen bar in West Street. It follows numerous serious incidents including the sale of alcohol to minors, irresponsible drinks promotions including drinking games, resulting in extreme intoxication,  no apparent duty of care for vulnerable customers which on one occasion lead to a serious sexual assault and incidents of Actual Bodily Harm. The police also have concerns relating to the wording on promotional materials and the licencing panel shared these concerns.

In 2009 the licence was reviewed and suspended for a week for sales to minors. Advice was also provided by the responsible authorities to the management of Oxygen who still failed to address breaches in the licensing conditions.

Changing the conditions of the licence was considered but ruled out because of the management's inability to adhere to the existing conditions.

Head of Regulatory Services, Public Health Tim Nichols said, “ There are always serious repercussions when the conditions of licences are not adhered to, in this case there have been several serious incidents as a direct result of mismanagement by the licensee and I’m pleased that customers are no longer at risk”.

Oxygen now has 21 days to appeal.

Editors notes

The licensing panel met on 1/5/2015 papers here