Message for Voters for Telscombe & Peacehaven Town Councils

Voters who are registered to vote for Telscombe & Peacehaven Town Councils need to be aware that there has been a printer error with the postal packs for these ballot papers.

The mistake was spotted and new packs will be sent out in two working days.

Voters need to make sure they use the latest pack to vote. If you have a green ballot paper that is headed Election of Councillors to Lewes District Council, this is incorrect and should be destroyed. You should only use the ballot paper headed “Election of Councillors to Peacehaven Town Council” or “Election of Councillors to Telscombe Town Council.  

No one can vote twice in the same election.

Penny Thompson Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove city council and Returning Officer said ”There has been a printer error which we discovered in time for new packs to be sent out to voters. We apologise for any confusion and we are working tirelessly to ensure the 2015 counts are safe.”

Lewes District Council said that “Brighton & Hove City Council have notified us of the printer error and we will work with them to inform our residents of Peacehaven and Telscombe that they will be issued with the correct Town Council ballot papers as soon as possible.”

Editor’s note

Because the Parliamentary Constituency boundaries are not the same as the the District Council boundaries, Brighton & Hove City Council issue postal ballot papers for all the Lewes District Council residents who live in the Brighton Kemptown Parliamentary Constituency. In turn, Lewes District Council issues postal ballot papers on behalf of Wealden District Council residents who live in the Lewes Parliamentary Constituency.

The first issue of ballot papers from the printers on behalf of BHCC, which included the white Parliamentary ballot paper and the yellow Lewes District Council ballot paper, were sent out correctly from Friday 24 April. The error has occurred when printing the Town Council postal packs, which contain a green ballot paper but had the incorrect candidate names listed. BHCC will now be re-issuing all the postal ballots for Peacehaven Town Council and Telscombe Town Council Elections with the correct candidates listed.