15 June 2015

Ice rink petition presented

Ice rink campaigner Sonny Keywood presented a petition to Brighton & Hove City Council Leader Warren Morgan on Saturday (June 13th.)

The presentation followed a march from the former ice rink site in Queen’s Square to the Town Hall in Bartholomew Square.

Sonny, a keen ice-hockey player, is campaigning for a permanent ice rink to be built in Brighton & Hove.


“This is a fantastic campaign led very ably by Sonny, and I was pleased to be able to give him some 1950s Brighton Tigers programmes I had managed to get hold of,” said Cllr Morgan.

“I told Sonny that I’m willing to look at any ideas or proposals people might have to get a permanent rink back in Brighton and Hove and how we might help and support those ideas become a reality.”