14 August 2015

Diseased elm logs could threaten city trees

Diseased elm logs could threaten city trees

Brighton & Hove City Council’s Arboriculture team is asking residents to be vigilant when buying logs for burning as it continues its fight against Elm Disease.

Brighton and Hove is home to the National Elm collection which is under constant threat from the voracious disease spread by the Elm Bark Beetle that lays its eggs beneath the bark of unhealthy trees. The arboriculture team’s efforts to curb the spread of the disease have won international acclaim but infections, linked to Elm tree logs, continue to occur.

Ian Brewster, Arboricultural Manager, for Brighton & Hove City Council, says, “It is imperative for the survival of the internationally recognised National Elm Collection that residents take responsibility for their actions when purchasing logs.”

“If in doubt,” continues Ian, “always ask the log merchant beforehand what species of wood they sell. If Elm is mentioned then don’t take them. If you suspect Elm logs are in the delivered bags or are loosely piled then please inform our team immediately.”

Even healthy fresh cut Elm wood can attract the Elm Bark beetle and many thousands of pounds are spent by the council each year in disease control. This cost could be significantly reduced if the public, woodworkers and log merchants know what they can do to help. Further information can be found on www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/trees. And the arboriculture team can be contacted by calling 01273 292929.