5 February 2015

Dance, poetry and more in Jubilee Library event

Dancers feature in a free event in Brighton this weekend, promoting libraries as places for exploring ideas – and not just by printed words on a page.

Evolving in Conversation is an Arts Council-funded project at the council's Jubilee Library. 

This coming Saturday a showcase event will include dancers from EDge asking library-goers for their thoughts on any issues and interpreting those in a unique performance of The Dance WE Made by Tim Casson.  

The event also features renowned poet John Agard whose work is taught in schools through the National Curriculum.  He will perform his specially-commissioned poem Voice for the first time.

Specially-commissioned creative writing, alongside work by local adults, is also featured, addressing the question of how individuals can change society. 

There are performances’, talks, workshops and an exhibition.

Evolving in Conversation takes place between 11am and 5pm on Saturday February 7 at Jubilee Library, Brighton.  Admission is free.

More information is on the council’s website

Below:  dancers from EDge will create a performance based on ideas from the public at Jubilee Library