5 June 2015

Councillors to consider Fairness Commission plan

Plans to set up a Fairness Commission to help tackle inequality in Brighton & Hove will be discussed by councillors on Thursday 11 June.

A number of issues relating to inequality and fairness are highlighted in the council’s corporate plan. They include:

  • Lower life expectancy in the more deprived areas of the city
  • Big differences in the numbers of children and young people living in poverty in different areas of the city
  • High numbers of residents having difficulties affording housing and facing fuel poverty.

Council leader Warren Morgan said: “If agreed, the Commission will not just look at helping those in the most need of support in our city.

“It will work to ensure that everyone in Brighton and Hove has a share in the economic success of the city, that everyone has the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives in financial security, and that we all benefit from a fairer city.

“It’s about unlocking our city’s potential, every neighbourhood and every resident. The actions that the Commission will set out will provide the road map for the city council and our partners for the coming years and will be fundamental to what we do in terms of jobs, homes and targeting the resources we have to best effect.”

The plans for a Brighton & Hove Fairness Commission will be considered by the council’s Policy and Resources committee, which will meet at the Brighthelm Centre on North Road on Thursday 11 June at 4pm.

See here for the reports going to Policy and Resources Committee. For the Fairness Commission report please scroll down to page 151.