12 November 2015

Council supports a second runway at Gatwick

Brighton & Hove City Council has expressed its strong support for a second runway at Gatwick through a Notice of Motion agreed and passed at the Economic, Development and Culture committee on Thursday 12 November.

The notice was proposed by the Labour and Cooperative Group and agreed by the Conservatives. The committee resolved for the Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove City Council to write to the Prime Minister to offer the council’s support for expansion at Gatwick.

Warren Morgan, leader of Brighton & Hove City Council said: "We are very pleased to back the expansion of Gatwick Airport. The potential benefits of a second runway for the city, local businesses and residents are enormous in terms of jobs, apprenticeships and economic growth.

“It would mean greater investment in the London to Brighton rail line, and put Greater Brighton in a much stronger place to win more devolved powers from Westminster. We urge the Prime Minister to choose Gatwick and give our economy a huge boost."

Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO said: “We are delighted that Brighton & Hove City Council is supporting Gatwick’s case for expansion.

“The already strong ties between us would only be enhanced with a second runway as it would deliver a huge boost to the local economy and deliver new jobs, apprenticeships and opportunities for local businesses.

“Brighton & Hove is well connected to Gatwick by both road and rail and more than 1000 airport staff live in the area. This number would be more than doubled if we expanded and new opportunities for improving links with markets across the globe would open up, including driving further demand for the city’s crucial tourism industry.

“I look forward to a Government decision in favour of Gatwick so Brighton can fully realise the benefits of airport expansion.”