1 October 2015

Big Nature in the Biosphere Event

‘Big Nature in the Biosphere’ – a free event to inspire people of all ages to create new homes for local wildlife

Saturday 03 October, 13.00 to 16.00, in the Foyer of the Brighton Centre, King's Rd, Brighton, BN1 2GR.

A free public event ‘Big Nature in the Biosphere’ will transform the foyer of the Brighton Centre into a celebration and practical guide on how to improve the local area for wildlife and biodiversity.

The event, supported by Brighton & Hove City Council, has been organised by local nature group Big Nature to promote work to create and enhance local wildlife habitats within the Brighton & Lewes Downs UNESCO Biosphere region.

A series of talks, workshops, trade stalls and hands-on demonstrations will introduce members of the public to the diversity of wildlife found in their local environment.  Visitors will be able to see what kinds of wildlife a typical pond in their back garden might attract and learn how to make their own butterfly haven on a front lawn or garage roof.  An assortment of items, including wild flowers and seed bombs will be available to purchase from the trade stalls, and a series of talks and practical demonstrations by eco-inspired architects and nature groups will be among the activities on offer.

Cllr Gill Mitchell, Chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee said: “"I'm pleased to see the council and Big Nature joining to promote the variety of work going on within neighbourhoods to safeguard our natural habitats.  People of all ages will find something to enjoy here and see what is happening in our gardens and parks that reflects the value of our natural heritage."

Big Nature in the Biosphere Coordinator Rob Sandercock, added: "Biodiversity provides valuable invisible services to us such as water purification and pollination, but we are losing species at such an unsustainable rate that if each of us does not address this problem, these services will be lost. Big Nature is in the business of encouraging everybody to put a little bit back by creating suitable homes for the wildlife on our doorsteps.”

‘Big Nature in the Biosphere: A practical guide for all to create new nature habitats’ precedes the 5th annual People, Environment and Achievement (PEA). Awards 2015 – a ‘green carpet’ event that celebrates sustainability trailblazers.


For more information contact:

Rob Sandercock, Big Nature in the Biosphere Co-ordinator,

E-mail: Info@BigNature.co.uk 

Telephone: 07989 423757

Notes to editors

The Big Nature in the Biosphere event has been supported by Brighton & Hove City Council’s International & Sustainability Team and Biosphere officer and funded by the Community Grants programme that is managed by its Communities, Equality and Third Sector Team.

Big Nature in the Biosphere’ event includes hands-on activities run by the Sussex Wildlife Trust, Earth Kids, Special Branch, Sussex University’s BuzzClub and many others.

Guest speakers include Tony Whitbread CEO Sussex Wildlife Trust on the importance of habitat restoration; PEA awards nominee and local householder Philip Thompson on transforming his front garden for wildlife; James Farrell of Brighton and Hove Building Green Will on how to turn your garden shed in to a living green roof; Dan Danahar on the joys of creating butterfly havens; and Rich Howorth on the need for habitat creation in our Biosphere region.

Big Nature is a not-for-profit company with a goal to inspire a renaissance in the relationship between local wildlife and ourselves. To do this it aims to take three major steps:

i) Undertake a program of habitat restoration within the Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere, creating new habitats wherever the opportunity arises.

ii) Promote Biodiversity Education within the Biosphere both on our own and with partner organisations.

iii) Build the Big Nature Centre in the heart of the Biosphere.

The Big Nature Centre is a local response to global environmental issues.