30 May 2014

Woodingdean library sneak preview

A event has been held to celebrate the imminent opening of Woodingdean’s new library in Warren Road.

Speaking at the event Lynne Truss, local author, gave the official opening speech. She said: “It’s like the launching of a little ship of literacy into a sea of indifference. As a writer, I love libraries. You know that when a book is borrowed someone is going to read it. When people buy a book it’s about acquiring and there’s no guarantee it will be read. Libraries offer to all the pleasure of reading.” 

Chair of the council’s Economic Development & Culture committee Cllr Geoffrey Bowden said: “At a time when around the country we hear of libraries closing or in threat of closure it is very pleasing to be able to see this excellent new library open here in Woodingdean. This library has been a long time in the making and is much wanted in the local community. With this new library linked to the medical centre, this building provides a valuable community hub.”

The library will officially open on Monday June 2.

The library will be open more hours a week than the previous one – as well as being bigger and offering better facilities.

The new facility is combined with a medical centre providing much-needed larger premises for Dr Sagar and Partners, hitherto at 1 The Ridgway. This will enable the practice to offer more facilities and services, plus better access for anyone with limited mobility.

The library, operated by Brighton & Hove City Council, will include:

•             Modern, brighter, bigger space open to all
•             Range of books, DVDs, toys and computers
•             Special focus on health information and books
•             Small meeting room for confidential discussions
•             Large computer suite and meeting room for activities
•             Out of hours entrance to maximise community use

To maximise access for the local community, particularly parents and carers, it will be opening two hours more per week – from 9am rather than 10am on Monday and Thursday.

New opening hours will therefore be Monday 9am-1pm; 2-5pm; Thursday 9am-1pm; 2-7pm; Saturday 10am-1pm; 2-4pm.  This is a 10.5 per cent increase in opening hours. 

Final opening day for the temporary library cabin will be Saturday May 24.  As Monday 26 May is a bank holiday that will mean only two days without a library in Woodingdean.

The project has been underway since March 2013, including demolition of the former library building.