19 August 2014

They are the champions!

City champions have given advice and information to more than 5,000 visitors to Brighton & Hove since taking to the streets at Easter.

The small, but dedicated, team of volunteers are on duty in the city centre every weekend providing a ‘mobile information service’ and ensuring visitors make the most of their time in the city.

“It’s my job to make people feel welcome,” said City Champion Alan Power. “When they walk away with a smile on their face it’s very rewarding!”

Alan applied to become a City Champion following a career in the hotel and conference industry. “I’ve spent most of my working life surrounded by people and was suffering from ‘withdrawal symptoms,’” said Alan, who splits his time between Brighton Station, Pavilion Gardens and the Pier.

“I generally approach people who look lost or as if they may need help,” he added. “Most people are looking for directions or suggestions of what to do in the city.

“I’ve given out dozens of maps, and everyone is pleasantly surprised that they are free!”

Alan has helped visitors from all over the world, from Europe to Cambodia and Nepal. He’s even posed for photographs, including taking centre stage in a hen party group!

“I’d certainly recommend becoming a City Champion,” said Alan. “All you need is a basic knowledge of the city, the ability to approach and talk to people and a good sense of humour!”

If you’d like to join Alan and his colleagues and become a City Champion, contact visitor.info@visitbrighton.com or telephone 01273 290337.