28 July 2014

Storm and flooding update

Due to heavy rain and storms this morning parts of the city are experiencing flooding. Essential services are being maintained. The drains will start to carry away the water once the rain subsides.

Cityclean are working with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service to clear roadside gullies. Our refuse and recycling service is operating normally but might be a bit slower due to the weather.

A rest centre has been set up at Hove Town Hall to accommodate a number of families who have been affected by flooding.  We will review whether a full rest centre is required for this evening and overnight.  

We are expecting a high number of calls tonight so as many emergency out of hours staff will be working as possible.  The homelessness severe weather emergency protocol (SWEP) will also be in action tonight.

Council staff are advised that Kings House is closed today due to flooding in the basement which is threatening some of the main electrical panels. Immediate work is underway to clear the water safely and isolate the electrics. Staff are implementing business continuity plans and relocating to other buildings. There will be some disruption to services but we are prioritising keeping essential services running.