3 October 2014

Review shows council is listening and improving transport for all

Waiting lists for residents’ parking permits have halved over the last year as residents switch to other forms of transport, including joining car clubs. An update to the citywide parking review says that bus passenger numbers have increased and car ownership is now the lowest in the south east.

The report, to be discussed at next week’s environment committee on 7 October, also outlines the council’s ongoing education and enforcement campaign to tackle verge and pavement parking. In October council staff and Sussex Police will visit hotspots around schools, helping to ease congestion and the problems caused by inconsiderate parking and driving on the pavement.

A new policy to provide disabled parking bays for named individuals has resulted in five such parking places being installed. Another policy about to come on stream is to allow a small amount of limited free parking near shopping parades in outer suburban areas to assist local shops.

Councillor Pete West, chair of the environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “The parking review has enabled us to gather useful information about parking trends and the views of residents and businesses from different parts of the city. This is helping us tailor services to specific needs and integrate parking with the rest of transport to improve services for everyone.”

The report highlights the high demand for new residents’ parking schemes, with 45 separate requests for a scheme north of Preston Drove in the last year and a number of requests for controlled parking in Hanover & Elm Grove, north of Hove Park, South Portslade and East Brighton. It recommends that surveys in part of Withdean and Preston Park north of Preston Drove take place early next year, and to look at Hanover and Hove Park areas in the second part of 2015.

Read the reports for the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee here (the citywide parking review update is agenda item number 32)