Restoration of the Royal Pavilion's Saloon Room is underway

Painstaking work has begun to restore the breathtaking Royal Pavilion Saloon room after The Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation secured funding of £300,000.

The iconic Royal Pavilion is one of the most remarkable buildings in Europe, created for the Prince of Wales, later King George IV.

The Saloon is the central and oldest room of the historical Royal Palace and one of the three great state rooms.

Intricate work to restore the Saloon to the 1823 design of Robert Jones with luxurious hand drawn wall paper and exotic colours of crimson, gold and silver began in January 2014.

Julian Crampton, Chair of the Foundation Trustees said; ‘It is hugely encouraging to know after all the research and waiting that we finally have the funding to restore this most magnificent of rooms at the Royal Pavilion. And this funding has come from people who love the Royal Pavilion and understand how important it is to the city and our nation. In particular, I would like to thank everyone who donated to the public appeal. It is a fantastic achievement.”

David Beevers, Keeper of the Royal Pavilion said;“King George IV commissioned artist –designer Robert Jones to transform the Saloon into a breathtaking room of gold, silver and crimson that would convey his status as King. Competed in 1823, the Saloon was a landmark in daring and exotic design.  George IV wanted to inspire a sense of amazement and awe in his visitors – we hope following the restoration visitors will once again marvel at the breathtaking beauty once more, and experience a rich sense of its history.”



In October 2013 The Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation, launched a public appeal to its patrons, members, and the public asking people to help raise the money to restore this magnificent room at the heart of the Royal Pavilion. Staff were overwhelmed by the response. The appeal raised over £30,000 adding to grant awards from:


The Pebble Trust

The Monument Trust

The Mercers’ Company

The Georgian Fund (FE Cleary Fund)

The J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust

The Osborne-Wellard Trust


Thanks to the annual contribution made by members and patrons, the Foundation was able to make an award from its reserves to help reach the target and get this historic project underway. There is still a shortfall in the funding required to complete some of the more decorative aspects of the Saloon.

If you would like to make a donation towards this historic project in our city please contact Robert Yates on 01273 296994.

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