17 April 2014

Residents win back their 20mph speed limit

Streets initially removed from a planned 20mph speed limit zone in Brighton & Hove have been put back into it - thanks to popular demand among residents.

The decision came in a meeting of the council's environment, transport and sustainability committee last night (April 29)

The council had 155 responses to public adverts proposing the re-inclusion of Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue and Surrenden Road into Phase 2 of its 20mph roll-out.

Just three individuals or organisations objected – one of them the bus firm Compass Travel. 

All the others were supportive. Representations mainly came in from people living in the streets, with a few from further afield or outside the city.

No objections were made by Brighton & Hove Buses or taxi firms. 

As a result councillors approved re-including the roads in Phase 2.  The streets were removed at a meeting of the committee in December when concerns were raised about levels of public support.

Residents then began campaigning for their re-inclusion and a petition in support was signed by 742 people.

Lead councillor for transport Ian Davey said:  “20mph is increasingly popular for the simple and obvious reason that if you are hit by a car travelling at 20mph, you are far more likely to survive than if it was travelling at 30.  No informed opinion disputes this.

“The safety of children when they’re out playing or going to school is a major worry for parents and that is reflected in these figures.  I’m absolutely certain the result of 20mph, over time, will be a drop in collisions, injuries and deaths

“That would be an amazing thing for a council to achieve. There will be people walking around in 10 years time who will owe their lives to 20mph.”

It is expected that Phase 2 will be operational from mid June, covering residential streets surrounding the city centre, including the many streets with schools.

Early monitoring from Phase 1 in the city centre, started last year, has shown a decrease in traffic speed on 74 per cent of roads.  Collisions and casualties are down where the 20mph limit has been implemented.