18 June 2014

Queen's Road improvements shaping up

Work is progressing on transforming the area outside Brighton Station and down Queen’s Road, towards the sea.

The traffic system is being simplified and access for pedestrians and cyclists improved.

New bus shelters, trees, public seating, new lighting, wider footways and dedicated loading bays are also part of the plan, aimed at creating a ‘boulevard’ effect.

Down the hill, the Gloucester Road junction will be improved with a new layout and signals.  The Queen’s Head pub opposite the station and other properties in the area have been renovated, following intervention from the council’s planning team.

Lead councillor for transport Ian Davey said:  “It’s looking smarter already.  When it’s finished all forms of transport will move through the area more smoothly and it will be a lot more pleasant for everyone. It also provides a nicer welcome for visitors  arriving by rail. The Seven Dials scheme has shown that with some imagination you can improve an area and get the traffic moving at the same time.”

Owner of Sue’s Snacks cafe in Queen’s Road Joe McGrath said: “I like the wider pavements.  It’s good for foot passengers because before people were a bit more squeezed in - and I like the cycle lane going up.  I love the trees and generally it looks tidier.”

The current phase of works should be completed by September, with more improvements to follow in the area.