6 January 2014

Parking charges set to be frozen, with some price reductions

Parking charges look set to be frozen for the second year running, with some reductions in car park prices.

Councillor Ian Davey, lead member for transport, said: “The last parking charge increases were agreed three years ago in order to help manage demand, cut traffic volumes in the city centre and encourage people to visit under-used car parks and areas where there is greater capacity.

“Since then parking charges have been frozen, and we have also been flexible with the current pricing, adjusting some tariffs at the request of residents and traders.

“The proposal for 2014/15 is also to freeze the majority of parking charges and to put in place some reductions to promote use of London Road and Regency Square car parks. Both of these have been refurbished by the council to create a more pleasant and safer environment for visitors.”

The changes include a reduction in charges for London Road car park on Sundays that came in from 29 December. Weekend prices for Regency Square will become the same as the weekday rate, a saving of £2 on one, two, four and 24 hour stays and £1 for nine hours.

By combining the evening and night rate of £4.50 and £5 respectively and removing the all night rate of £10, overnight stays will be 50p cheaper. It also provides people with the flexibility of using the evening rate (6pm to midnight) for a night out or the combined overnight stay which takes it up to 11am the following morning. The special rates will be available at The Lanes, London Road, Regency Square and Trafalgar Street car parks.

The proposals for fees and charges will be decided by the environment, transport and sustainability committee on 14 January.

Further information

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The Fees and Charges 2014/15 report is agenda item number 67.