2 January 2014

New drive to tackle obesity in Brighton & Hove

Commenting on the launch of Change4Life’s Smart Swaps campaign, Cllr Rob Jarrett, Brighton & Hove City Council Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, said:

“Working closely with key city partners we have already successfully helped families with young children reduce childhood obesity but we’re determined to go further.

“We’re bucking the national trend for the proportion of our children being within a healthy weight and this is down to excellent work by our partner organisations such as Brighton & Hove Food Partnership and by the city’s nurses and schools boosting the numbers of families participating in the many free services on offer.

“This latest initiative is part of the national Change4Life programme and looks promising as an additional way to help families with children tackle what is a national obesity crisis.  The Smart Swap idea is to encourage families in Brighton & Hove to make one easy swap to help cut sugar and fat from their everyday snacks, drinks and meals.

“Together with a free mobile app and fun fridge magnets, families are encouraged to make one small change such as swapping sugary drinks with sugar free options or switching from sugary breakfast cereal to plain cereal.”

To watch the TV adverts see: