23 July 2014

MPs want £10 per head cycle budget – after listening to Brighton & Hove

A cycling budget of £10 per head by 2020 is essential to fund long-term development of cycling infrastructure and to make roads safer for cycling, say MPs on the Transport Select Committee.

The news follows Brighton & Hove’s lead councillor for transport Ian Davey presenting the city’s case to the committee last February.

Launching its report on how roads can be made safer for cyclists, Louise Ellman MP, Chair of the Transport Committee said:

“Last year 109 cyclists were killed on our roads, and over 3,000 seriously injured. Cyclists have told us the dangers they face every day from a lack of cycling infrastructure, poorly-designed junctions and aggressive driving.

“Spending on cycling is currently estimated to be just £2 per head. To make the necessary improvements to cycling infrastructure and training, we call for spending to be increased to £10 per head by 2020.

“Investing in cycling will make the roads safer for all users, and encourage more people to cycle and walk. The DfT should support local authorities to make it easier and cheaper for them to introduce 20 mile an hour speed limits in high-risk areas.”

Cllr Davey, who spoke to the committee on February 10 alongside former Olympic champion cyclist Chris Boardman, said:  “I am delighted that this cross-party parliamentary committee is supporting what we’re saying – and doing - about making cycling safer so it can become a viable, serious, mainstream choice for transport.  Even people who drive don’t want to see more cars competing for space on the roads – so getting people cycling makes sense, as does encouraging mutual respect among all road users so that our roads are safer for all. I’m grateful for the committee’s support and hope this dedicated funding becomes a reality before too long. ”

You can see the Select Committee report here