27 March 2014

Mental health needs will be better supported

A new mental health accommodation project which sees more supported housing for people who need it has been launched in Brighton & Hove. The council and the Clinical Commissioning Group, (CCG)*, have worked together to redesign the service to make sure people receive the best help, in the right way, when they need it.

Dr Christa Beesley, Chief Clinical Officer from the CCG, said: “We are committed to providing the same level of care and support for people with mental health needs as we do for people with physical health needs. We hope that these changes will reduce waiting lists and delays providing a better service as and when people need it.” 

Tom Scanlon, Director of Public Health for the council, said:

“Too often people with mental health needs find themselves in the middle of services and providers that just don’t talk to one another like they should. It can be very confusing and sometimes people can miss out on the care they deserve.  This is a great example of health; housing and social care all working together for some of the most vulnerable people in the city, who need support not just in times of crisis but over a long period of time.” 

The review of the service found: 

More accommodation  and staff needed to reduce waiting lists and delays

A redesigned service will provide more supported accommodation, with access to the right level of care, particularly in more complex cases where people have multiple needs.

More continued support was needed for people moving on from supported accommodation. A provision for support to people in their own homes would help people lead a more independent life.

As a result of these findings the following services have been introduced:

Shore House (Brighton Housing Trust) is a 20 bed 24 hour support project on Marine Parade, which was previously used as temporary accommodation. The building has been completely renovated to a high standard

Star Project (Sanctuary Supported Living) is a 32 bed service spread over four houses in Hove, with staff supporting clients from 8am to 8pm

Mental Health Floating Support (Recovery Support Service) offering high level support for up to 30 people for up to 10 hours a week. The service has been open a month and the service manager has already reported a high demand which they are meeting.

Mental Health Tenancy Support Service (Brighton Housing Trust) at Community Base in Queens Road, Brighton offering support for up to 40 people with mental health issues to help them move on into independent accommodation.

*Formerly the Brighton & Hove Primary Care Trust and Sussex Partnership NHS Trust.