20 January 2014

Job joy for Joe

A disabled man from Brighton has moved on to full-time employment after four months working at ableandwilling, Brighton & Hove City Council’s supported business for people with disabilities.

Ableandwilling is part of the council’s adult social care services. It employs people with a variety of disabilities and specialises in embroidery, printing and providing garments for a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Joe Wadmore has taken up a job offer from Bestways Cash and Carry store in Hollingbury.

Joe said: “ When I first started at ableandwilling I felt comfortable. No one treated me differently, and no one looked down on me because of my disability.

“Since I have been at here my confidence has grown. When I went into interviews for a new job I felt less nervous. I also felt confident to enough to join in the week long training for the new job”

Joe’s manager at ableandwilling, Steve Halliday, said: “Joe’s a great worker and a good team member. It’s a big boost for everyone to see him moving onwards and upwards in this way.”

The chair of the council’s adult care and health committee, Councillor Rob Jarrett, said: “Ableandwilling is all about helping people who have a disability to develop their skills and confidence.

“Not everyone who works there is able to make the transition to full-time employment so we’re all delighted at Joe’s success.” 

Visit www.ableandwilling.org.uk for further information about ableandwilling.