17 April 2014

Inspection ‘scam’ targets city’s food outlets

A scam alert has been issued by Brighton & Hove City Council’s environmental health team.

This follows reports that food outlets in the city have been targeted by people claiming to be from the Food Standards Agency arranging ‘blind’ inspection visits over the next couple of weeks.

The council’s environmental health manager, Roy Pickard, said: “If the FSA for whatever reason wants to visit a food outlet in the city, their procedure is to contact the establishment in advance via our environmental health team.

“Our understanding is that these telephone calls are a ruse to gain access to properties with possible criminal intent.

“We would advise anyone who receives such a call to make a note of the number making the call if possible and phone Sussex Police on 101 or email them on 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk

“Our environmental health team always carry identification when on their inspection rounds. Staff at food outlets are advised to ask to see our ID badges before allowing access to their premises.”