23 January 2014

Improving sexual health in the city

Residents are being asked to help shape the future of sexual health services in Brighton & Hove.

Brighton & Hove City Council is responsible for ensuring local people have good access to sexual health services. The current services have been in place for many years and, with the move from NHS to local authority responsibility, a review is underway.

The council is asking service users to share their views to help make sure the right services are in the right places and meet the needs of the local population.

Tom Scanlon, Brighton & Hove City Council Director of Public Health, said: “We are keen to ensure the best services possible are available for residents as part of our commitment to improving health in the city. We encourage anyone with experience of the service to share their views. Input will be used to shape future provision and your help can make a difference. There is no need to register or leave contact details so we hope people will have a look at the consultation and take part.”

People can contribute by completing a questionnaire which is available online at the council’s consultation portal. Anyone contributing their opinions can do so without leaving any identifiable information.

The link to accessing the questionnaire is:

The key groups being asked to share their knowledge are:

• People who use sexual health services in Brighton and Hove
• People who have previously used sexual health services in Brighton & Hove and those who may do so in the future
• Professionals and members of the public with an interest in sexual health services and issues

The closing date for responses is Friday 7 February 2014. The council aims to introduce new contracts for the service by 1 April 2015. The consultation responses will be used in the process of establishing the new service contracts.

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