5 November 2014

Gunpowder, treason and litter…

Bonfire night revellers are being urged to stop letting off fireworks in public parks to reduce danger and litter.

With a busy weekend for fireworks expected, the council says the festivities typically add to litter problems at a time when council gardeners already waste hours a day clearing up rubbish.

Chair of the environment committee Cllr Pete West said:  “Last year after bonfire night I was walking around Preston Park and the grass was littered with discarded fireworks.  As well as being a danger to passers-by it makes a terrible mess.  So I’m calling on people to respect our beautiful public spaces and to enjoy their fireworks at public displays or on their own property.  Letting off fireworks in a park is antisocial and leaving the rubbish there adds insult to injury.”

Cllr West said the garden manager at The Level in Brighton typically spends three hours a day clearing rubbish before he can get on with tending the grounds and working with park users. Cllr West added:  “This is an unnecessary and unsustainable burden and I appeal to some members of the public to show more care and pride.”

Picture below shows Cllr West with senior gardener Bobby Domin and fireworks littering Preston Park before November 5