6 August 2014

Guardian agrees to correct ‘bike sheds’ blog

The Guardian newspaper has corrected figures in an online blog claiming the council had mounted a ‘crackdown’ on people storing cycles in sheds in their front gardens.

The paper had initially claimed “more than 20” residents were facing action.  Under planning rules, householders all over the country typically require planning permission for structures in front gardens.

In fact just three householders had received letters.  One resident had been required to remove a shed after failing to obtain retrospective planning permission.  This led to complaints about two similar sheds nearby which the council is obliged to look into.  The owners have been asked to contact the council but no action has been taken.

A council spokesman said::  “We have not contacted ‘more than 20’ people and nobody is suggesting a crackdown.  The real situation is that planning officers are talking to councillors about a way forward.  The council is aware there will be many front garden sheds in the city.  However it is also very keen to promote cycling and make it easy and convenient for people.  So we’re looking at it with view to finding a sensible solution that promotes cycling without spoiling the appearance of the city's streets.”