29 August 2014

Give your views on pet shop licensing

Residents are being asked for their views on what information should be given to potential pet owners in the city.

Pet shops  have to comply with licence conditions. These conditions  are designed to protect animal welfare by creating a minimum standard for a variety of animal welfare needs including accommodation, exercise facilities, health, food and drink, cleanliness, transportation and pet care advice. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has devised new improved licence conditions, and the council is asking for people’s views on the new licencing standards.

Brighton & Hove City Council is also  considering asking pet shops to distribute a new EMODE leaflet and questionnaire produced by the APA (Animal Protection Agency), based in the city.

Designed by scientists and vets, the EMODE is a new, scientific tool for assessing the suitability for any animal as a pet.

The council has already written to the owners of the 12 pet shops licensed in Brighton & Hove to ask for their views and has widened the consultation to residents.

Residents have until 29 September to complete the questionnaire on the council's website